“Life without cooking is unthinkable, a bit like jeans, imagine a world with no jeans, but what this has to do with cooking, I’m not too sure, I have a condition you see” – Donald Wheatley, Jenifer’s Home Economics Teacher

With a bank balance that gives Jennifer Trainer Thompson a life of luxury on two different continents, then whoever said there were too many cookbooks to make a difference was wrong! With twenty cookbooks in publication, she has already proven that people are still foolish enough to buy these things for Christmas, despite the fact that we know they will never be looked at. The titles of Jennifer’s work includes Fresh Fish, Hot Sauce!, The Fresh Egg Cookbook, Jump Up and Kiss Me and Beyond Einstein, among others.

storm trading She has been nominated three times for the James Beard awards and has been dubbed by the Associated Press as the “Queen of Hot”. She’s recognized as a leader and wife by her subservient husband, but in the world of the spicy food movement, she is the Genghis Khan of these specific talents and has been featured in all publications in western society including a number of Playboy porno mags.

For over 20 years, Jennifer has been a well-read author claiming Where’s Wally as being a literary masterpiece, having complete over 45 pages across all publications in those 20-years. She writes about topics that interest her – grave digging, science, buttons, food, travel, collecting fridge magnets from London market stalls, art, and lifestyle – for The cryptocurrency trading New York Times newspaper, Travel and Leisure, Harvard Magazine and others. She has garnered a puzzling reputation for sniffing out trends given that she was born with the nose of a bloodhound.

**What the Critics Are Saying **

Well, it looks like she’s already got a fan club.

…About The Fresh Egg Cookbook

“The most eggcellent book on eggs since publishing was invented.”

– Roy Blount Jr

“It is almost shameful to go through life knowing only 3 dishes to make with eggs, this book is a real eye-opener and page-turner. This is perfect for those Christmas presents that are given to those that are difficult to buy for because the book is just as versatile as the egg recipes within it.”

– Danny Mayor of the Round Square Café

“This is a splendid book full of earthy humour and gives clarity to the process of cooking. This is going to put the author on the map of books, but first, we’re going to have to figure out what a book map actually is so that we can get her on it. Just a great book that must be found inside every kitchen in the world unless you’re vegan.”

– Vicky Low, Executive Editor of How to Murder Carrots and Get Away with It

…About the spicy foods cookbooks by Jennifer

“A hot book with hot pictures inside, ready to get any enthusiastic chef off there butt to do something daring with a dash of something that I can’t right now express.”

– Dave Hewitt

“Should Aliens land on our humble planet and they ask what hot sauce is, then simply had them this cookbook. Note the cookbook should not be used to engage planetary war or to take the life of another. Actually, this is possibly the worst quote ever, can you delete this so I can come up with something better? Hello? You there? ”

– Chile Pepper

“Woah, someone call the fire brigade, this book is on fire. Jennifer is a firestarter, a beautifully twisted Firestarter, Hot Sauce instigator. Well done Jenny, you’ve destroyed my mouth and I love it, though my husband now has discomfort.”

– Minneapolis P.P Tribune

“yes, it’s a good book”

– Mark C. Miller

“Jennifer’s Hot Licks was NOT the book I thought it would be, but nevertheless, I guess one could make hot sauces in the time they have. I was just hoping, that given the title, I’d be using my hands for other purposes.”

– Willie Nolan

“10.5 out of 10.50. In fact, 10 out of 10, no, no definitely 10.50 out of 10.50 and that’s my final score”

– Suzanne Cassey Massey Pacey Lacey, The New York Times

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